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3 incredibly different (now adult) children means 3X bonus for my ears and heart
  1. Spice Girls
    Late 1990s. Yes, cheesy, but so much fun - specifically repeated viewings of Spice World. (Hoorah for Alan Cummings!)
  2. Eminem
    Early 2000s. I can still recite "Business" - unexpected party trick
  3. Muse
    Transformed commutes in the mid 2000s, and still a favorite for engulfing experiences. Only band I've ever flown to see perform.
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  1. Accept
    that while I may not see it starring its creator, I will see it live on stage someday.
  2. Wonder
    what LMM could do with my favorite part of world history: the War of the Roses. (To be fair, my 4th grade teacher Mrs Dewey made that era come alive, albeit with more subtle means).
  3. Resolve
    to learn the lyrics.
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I love my job, but now and then I hate the politics and paperwork.
  1. Sleeper
  2. Color namer
    for a toney lifestyle company. for instance, exploring variations of blue: chill, bodrum, ecclesiastical, etc
  3. Shoe designer
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I eat and drink for a living, and sometimes it is overwhelming and I need to detox. But fasting really sux, so I've honed some options that always seem to balance my body & mind:
  1. Kale Hijiki sauté
    Oddly addictive blend of chopped kale, garlic, onion, burdock root, Hijiki (vermicelli-sized black seaweed), and sunflower seeds. Sauté with coconut oil, season with soy sauce.
  2. Quinoa and fried eggs.
    Pretty much just like it sounds: cooked separately and served together in a big bowl.
  3. IKEA smoked salmon on rice crackers with avocado, capers and red onion.
    This is not a diet list, btw. IKEA smoked salmon is amazingly good.
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