Actions brought on by listening to "Hamilton" soundtrack

  1. Accept
    that while I may not see it starring its creator, I will see it live on stage someday.
  2. Wonder
    what LMM could do with my favorite part of world history: the War of the Roses. (To be fair, my 4th grade teacher Mrs Dewey made that era come alive, albeit with more subtle means).
  3. Resolve
    to learn the lyrics.
  4. Read
    The recent Fast Company issue featuring the 100 most creative people, LMM on the cover.
  5. Agree
    With placing LMM in the number 1 spot
  6. Explore
    Live theatre performances in my current city of residence, though Singapore is not really known for cutting edge new musicals.
  7. Look up
    Alexander Hamilton on Wikipedia
  8. Restrain
    From telling all my friends and family to join me in this obsession. I'll let them discover in their own time
  9. Devise
    A less predictable way to post my gushing, profound appreciation for this amazing feat of poetic prose!