Things I eat to detox

I eat and drink for a living, and sometimes it is overwhelming and I need to detox. But fasting really sux, so I've honed some options that always seem to balance my body & mind:
  1. Kale Hijiki sauté
    Oddly addictive blend of chopped kale, garlic, onion, burdock root, Hijiki (vermicelli-sized black seaweed), and sunflower seeds. Sauté with coconut oil, season with soy sauce.
  2. Quinoa and fried eggs.
    Pretty much just like it sounds: cooked separately and served together in a big bowl.
  3. IKEA smoked salmon on rice crackers with avocado, capers and red onion.
    This is not a diet list, btw. IKEA smoked salmon is amazingly good.
  4. Kombucha cooler
    Equal parts homemade booch, chilled mint tea and sparkling water, maybe a slice of lemon
  5. Lemon water
    Hot or cold. And I eat the lemon rind: it's super God for my weak AF liver.
  6. Cabbage salad
    My Romanian husband makes the best: chopped purple cabbage, onions, red bell peppers, whatever else he finds, and dressed with soy sauce, lemon and olive oil. I mention his ethnicity because I think he has secret, inherited magic touch in regards to all seasonings....whatever color thumb that
  7. Ti guan yin oolong - it's special, and I suspect very healthful in achieving alkaline balance.