For the full effect, please mimic Anakin's exact inflection.
  1. "This is where the fun begins."
    Lets everyone know how stoked you are about their dumbass plans
  2. "You will try!"
    Fucking Derek thinks he's gonna slam more beers than you
  3. "Jedi business, go back to your drinks."
    Charming and an easy reminder that this gun is very real and hostages will die if they don't follow your demands
  4. "I hate you!"
    Lets girls know that you're ready for a second date without appearing desperate
  5. "You underestimate my power!"
    Your credit card has been declined, but the clerk hasn't yet realize that you're concealing a knife the size of her forearm
  6. "I will come back and free you, mom. I promise."
    Mother's can be a bother. A couple chains and dim basement can ward off any interruptions
  7. "You are so... Beautiful."
    Somehow she agreed to the second date, this is a romantic thing to whisper in her ear as you crush her windpipe