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A list of all the MCU's canon media
  1. 1.
    Iron Man
    Tony Stark is a billionaire weapons developer but then he gets kidnapped by terrorists and becomes a good person and builds a super suit. Then Tony becomes Iron Man and kills Obadiah Stane, who wants the Iron Man technology for himself. The end
  2. 2.
    The Incredible Hulk
    A long time ago, Bruce Banner absorbed gamma rays and mutated into a big green creature called the Hulk. He pretty much lives his whole life running from this army guy named Thaddeus Ross, who wants to make him into a government weapon. Then one of Ross' subordinates, Emil Blonsky, gets injected with Bruce's blood and becomes a big yellow creature. The two creatures fight, and Hulk wins, but then he just runs away again. The end
  3. 3.
    Iron Man 2
    This one guy named Ivan Vanko who's dad used to work with Tony Stark's dad is mad at Tony Stark, so he makes laser whips and goes after him. Then Tony lets his friend James Rhodes have one of his Iron Man suits. Then Ivan gets involved with this guy named Justin Hammer, who makes weapons. Justin makes a bunch of robots, and Ivan uses them to attack Tony and James. In the end, Tony and James (who became War Machine) fight Ivan in his own super suit. They win. The end
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