Requested by Erin


Since day 1 of college, I've always had two best friends as girls, those have changed over the years and I've found my most favorite pair @ErinFlaherty and @minabird
  1. Pro- I can show my feelings around my girl friends because my manly persona doesn't allow me to be emotional with my guy friends, they don't come out and it's hard for me to open up whereas I'm more trusting with girls off the bat
  2. Pro- They don't want to go out as much as my guy friends do and I don't really like going out, I hate crowded places
  3. Pro- My two best friends are my family they mean so much to me and help me through my little endeavors even when I'm too stubborn to do it myself
  4. Pro- @minabird is an amazing cook, so I get to enjoy her delicious meals
  5. @ErinFlaherty She is my favorite person in world, she's known me for years and might even know me better than myself. She can see through my bs, what I try to hide and at this point of our friendship, she saw me at my worst/ugliest and now knows me as an improved person who handles everything much better besides Kyle the little asshole on the mbta.
  6. Con- Sometimes they're too into their phones for hours and then wonder what we should do
  7. Con- Since I open up to them more often than not, they have more ammo to use against me if we ever got in a fight
  8. Con- When they talk about boys, I don't know what to do because I have nothing to contribute
  9. I love these girls ❤️