I was a stupid kid, I always got in trouble and loved attention
  1. When I was a kid, I found a fishing pole by the trash can and flung it back. Little Fatih thought it would be okay to pretend like he was fishing and got a fish hook stuck in my right index finger
  2. I was walking on the ledge of my couch in my old house and they had huge heating radiators. No one was watching me so I decided to try to balance myself and fell to hit my face. Just barely missed my eye. I wish I learned my lesson because that happened multiple times
  3. When I was a kid, I went over my neighbors house to play with their dog Bruin. He was adorable, but I guess little fatih didn't know how to pet a dog and the next thing I knew, he has his canines in my right cheek on my face
  4. One time I fell off my neighbors bike which was clearly too tall for me, but I didn't think too much of it. I immediately fell off onto my right ring finger. It now has a permanent scar and was swollen for a good few days
  5. The time my right knee went out of place when I was trying to getting milk from the school cafeteria
  6. The first time I was slapped in the penis by my asshole friends back in 8th grade. I threw up because it hurt so badly
  7. The time my friend @ErinFlaherty tried to hip chuck my hip and missed and hit me right in my penis, it still hurts because it happened today
  8. The time I fainted from flipping over my grandfathers arm while running
  9. I'll add more as I remember