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  1. My name is always mispronounced. I guess everyone has dyslexia because every new year, I'm called faith. It's so difficult I change my name to Mike when I order food
  2. My parents don't understand that I can need external help and everything's not "in my head"
  3. My parents don't understand dating or anything for new generations, they think we can catch up on our social lives after college
  4. None of my family went to college and the one person that did met bad people and fucked it all up, my dumb uncle
  5. They won't let my sister date because she is too young
  6. They're so stuck in their old mindsets that anything new and better seems wrong
  7. You have to teach them politics and stuff they don't listen too or rely on. They don't know shortcuts to anything and don't even try to understand the new generation
  8. I was made fun of a lot as a child for having a different name from all the other kids
  9. I had to be in ESL (English as a second language) till about 4th grade
  10. Kids are assholes to foreign children a little different from themselves
  11. I worry for my future children because I don't want them to be bullied for their names, appearance, or the way they act.
  12. Everyone loves my name now, I've realized all kids are idiots and their parents should teach them reapect
  13. I was so self conscious because of the way my peers perceived me as a child it grew with me, making me more considerate for others in the same boat as me
  14. My parents want to fight everyone who walks in front of them and don't really understand social cues
  15. I had to learn a new culture with a different group of people
  16. Plus some other things I don't really remember off the top of my head. Most of the problems of me being a second generation immigrant happened when I was a child because of the ignorance of my peers, made me regret being born foreign for awhile