Requested by Erin


Some things my roommates do that make me mad are
  1. Leave all the lights on whichever room they're in
  2. Don't clean up after themselves
  3. Have two people over and somehow ruin the place
  4. They don't rinse their dishes
  5. They have no common sense
  6. Ask me multiple questions that they should have the answer to
  7. They still don't know how to fill a dishwasher properly, come on guys, "you can do it" (Rob Schneider voice)
  8. My roommates feet smell so bad it's not even remotely funny
  9. They do what they think is organizing and cleaning and make more work for me
  10. They leave things out in the kitchen or living room for days because they "have work" and "aren't here most of the time", but when they are.. Doesn't change anything
  11. One of my roommates brings his annoying girlfriend home and she thinks it's okay to talk to me just cause we're in the same house, please no
  12. One of my roommates talks loudly at all times, whispering isn't whispering, low voice is normal voice, normal voice is yelling all the time, even the fuckers TV is blasting when he's 5 ft away from it, I get that you're trying to have a home theatre system with your crappy 22in TV, but still
  13. They don't wash pots for days and wonder why the sinks piling up and when the time comes "hey fatih, we should do dishes" or "we should take out the trash". Wtf? Where were you when I did the dishes and took out the trash the past few weeks already?
  14. When I remind my roommates to pay me for bills for weeks until even I forget they owe me and then I have to ask for two months the next cycle and they're like "yo fatih, why didn't you remind me to pay last month?" I did remind your stupid procrastinating mind you idiot