We all have things that annoy us
  1. My list starts with the fact that sharing one bathroom with four people sucks, especially when most of your roommates don't clean up after themselves
  2. When someone stares at me for a long time, what are you looking at?
  3. When someone sits too close to you on the train or bus
    There is an ample amount of space for your ass to fit in
  4. When an empty Brita filter is put back into the fridge. Why? There is no water in here..
  5. When someone smells like body odor, I'm like.. There's such cheap deodorant out there. How can you not afford that?
  6. When people walk down the stairs texting. Why are you walking so slowly? I want to push you down the stairs
  7. When there's that one person whose on the phone but so fucking loud it's unnecessary. Why are you yelling into the phone? Why doesn't the person you're talking to tell you to stfu and be a little considerate for everyone whose forced to listen
  8. When someone takes too long to get ready. Why can I get ready in 20 min or less and it takes you three hours? What's the point of going out now
  9. When your roommate throws up out the window and a piece flies on your arm because he's one floor above you. You came downstairs one minute later, you asshole. Why couldn't you make it to the bathroom
  10. When someone can cook a ton of food, but not clean it at the same time. Multitask you jerk, you can do dishes while the stuff is cooking -_-
  11. When people leave lights or the TV on but they're not in the room anymore
  12. When your landlord doesn't respect your privacy and doesn't notify you 24hrs before they enter our apartment, it's just on his own accord whether we're home or not.
  13. When someone's super cheerful in the morning. Why are you all happy, I'm happy for you but it's still the morning. Please stip
  14. When professors say don't use phones and they use theirs. Hypocrites
  15. When the commute that should take anywhere from 25-40 minutes takes an hour because your college decided to do all their construction during the school year. Fuck you UMass Boston
  16. The MBTA just in general
  17. The commuters life
  18. When someone asks too many questions in class, no one else is confused just you.. Meet the professor after or something, don't waste my learning time
  19. When you have a group project and your group members are stupid. I feel like I'm gonna have to do everything this semester myself.
  20. The educational system bothers me. I feel like college isn't meant to teach students like it was before, but instead more for profit. I have professors who've never taught the subject I'm learning and they're reading it out of a book because the school was short handed in professors
    My chancellor makes almost $300k a year, what does he do? Really...and all the fees, for other things we might not even use that the university offers. I mean, thanks, but no thanks. I would rather pay for what I use than everything that I don't.
  21. When your IT professor doesn't know basic IT. Why am I teaching my professor general computer knowledge and simple troubleshooting? Should I get paid your salary for teaching you?
  22. When someone clearly lacks common sense
  23. Did I mention the MBTA already?
  24. When someone belittles my problems because it's not as bad as theirs. For one, everyone has their own issues and what bothers them. If everyone was the same, life would be pretty boring. I'm just saying, just cause someone doesn't have the same problem as me doesn't mean they should just not acknowledge it cause theirs is different or worse
  25. When you see someone and they talk to you for an hour when you really didn't even want to talk for 1 minute
  26. Winter is coming, yay to commuting, plows, and my already long commute to UMass becoming twice as long