Sometimes public transportation is terrible and we all have complaints I'm sure. Add yours
  1. I don't like how it smells like pee everywhere
    The MBTA in Boston constantly smells like pee, during the day and night, just always
  2. I don't like how they have those signs saying that our tax dollars contribute to cleaning this train, and that we should do our part
    If our tax dollars already pay to clean this vehicle then why should we do more?
  3. Sometimes the train will just stop and sit for a long time just cause
  4. It's expensive 😩
  5. The buses drive around like its the end of the world. I swear we drift on these buses
  6. When someone falls asleep on your shoulder and you don't know if you should wake that person up, just move, or sit there to be nice because maybe they had a long day
  7. When there's a disabled train or bus somewhere and everyone else can't do anything
  8. It's expensive
  9. It's expensive
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