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Ginger Tea Recipe via The Chopra Center Cookbook by @DeepakChopra
  1. Ginger is known as the universal medicine and can be found in regional cuisines worldwide.
  2. Ginger tea has a strong cleansing effect on the body, helping to mobilize toxins and restore balance. Ginger tea benefits the digestive system and can help reduce cravings for sweet and salty items.
  3. Ginger helps soothe and cleanse the respiratory tract, making it a valuable tea during cold and flu season.
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Includes artists who are mainstream, independent, signed, and unsigned.
  1. Avec Sans
  2. Beat Connection
  3. Clara Nova
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What these lists suggest is that your inner world becomes more orderly and clear, your actions in the outer world should follow suit. Both sides of the equation are important. Just remember that without inner clarity, all the external neatness and organization won't serve as a substitute. Inner fulfillment is the goal of life.
  1. DO:
  2. Make your surroundings orderly and uncluttered.
  3. Take a close look at stresses that need to be addressed.
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  1. You remove the inner obstacles and resistance that block the connection between "in here" and "out there."
  2. You have clarity of purpose and intention.
  3. You have first-hand experience of the silent depth of the mind.
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