1. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader
    Need I say more?
  2. Foreign Exchange Student
    I thought it was somehow a clever way to spark up the generic "schoolgirl" costume. In my defense, I was actually dating a teacher at the time.
  3. Belly Dancing Mermaid
    The pictures reflect a fun night with good friends and lots of brain damage (booze). I incorporated my Persian side with my Pisces side and it came together nicely. Drunk belly-dancing cannot be screwed up.
  4. Geisha
    The mask cost $3.50. The dress was an old white one of my mother's from the 1980s. Voila!
  5. Cozy Shark
    My first time using fake blood and it was totally time relevant considering all the shark attacks that occurred on NC beaches in 2015. My boyfriend was my victim and looked good posing with his itty bitty boogie board and sun-blocked nose.