Should really be revising for my exams right now...
  1. I watched The Daily Show
    Honestly, I had nothing else to watch so why not? B.J. Novak was on the show- first time hearing about him and his new app. (Brain- Oh so he made an app about making lists, let's check it out)
  2. Downloaded
    Okay so how does this work? I scroll through a few lists to get a general idea of how the app works- scrolled through quite a few of them. Okay I think I'm ready to write my first list.
  3. Wrote 3 draft lists
    Took me a while to figure out what I should write. (Why am I not studying?) I'm procrastinating by writing a list on procrastination. This is a new low for me.
  4. I will start studying at noon. It's 10 am now.