all girls are crazy and irrational, here is an example of how crazy and irrational
  1. Im upset, not sure if its the matter at hand or the fact that Im under pressure with school or that I haven't eaten and I'm starting to get "Hangry" Im gana go with the matter at hand.
  2. Okay now throw some not so valuable points at him.,..,.,.Those are good.
  3. Oh shit here is the come back. What did you expect? You've been pocking the bear with a very short stick. Okay so yeah thats a good point and that one too. Fuck maybe i was just Hangry, man im still hungry.
  4. Okay now try to bring something good up... I got nothing. Fuck he is done with this, do I still have a chance of coming back on top of this? What if? Nope that made it worse. Okay he is walking away now.,.,., do I try to stop him? Pfff! Im not gana beg! Shit that was a bad idea, he is really pissed.
  5. I wonder if I can intise him to have sex with me after all that? ,.,.,.,., I can only try.