1. Sherlock
    Keep watching this over and over.
  2. The fall
    Keeps me on the edge of my seat even thouhg they pretty much had the bad guy at episode 3
  3. The Goldbergs
    Love the late '80/early '90 setting and every episode ends with real images shot by main character! So cute!
  4. How I met your mother
    So many layers...
  5. Ink Master
    The drama, the tattoos, what else do you need!
  6. Cuckoo
    First season only, when werewolf Taylor comes in it quickly turns to crap. Dad still super funny thouhg.
  7. Downton Abby
    Best soap opra ever, and what a bitch is Mary! She really deserves all the crap she gets.
  8. W/Bob&David
    Unfortunately never saw mr show (becouse i live in Holland and it has never been on here) but this. is. Hilarious!!!!