10 Facts You Never Knew About Pixar

In celebration of Finding Dory Day
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    The Animation Process
    The Pixar animation process is incredibly tedious. A typical animator will make only 3 minutes of film in a whole year. Massive computer power is required to render the films. It would take a single computer over 10,000 years to render and complete a single film. Luckily, Pixar has the processing power of 24,000 computers, which reduces the rendering time to just 2 years.
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    Research for Finding Nemo
    So they could accurately represent the species featured in Finding Nemo, Pixar animators took graduate classes in ichthyology, the study of fish. This was instrumental for the animators to understand how the fish should move and creating an organic coral reef. One animator even climbed inside the mouth of a dead whale to get a closer look at the inside of the giants mouth!
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    Monsters University Website
    They've created a fully functional website for Monsters University, complete with admissions, academic and campus life info and a campus store to purchase MU apparel just to promote their movie. The site lists courses such as 'Monster History' (in the school of Liberal Arts and Monstrosities) and modules in 'Hiding and Disappearing' and 'Guttural Affectations', and features pages on the university football team, societies and events.
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    Easter Eggs
    A notable Easter Egg in most films is the letters and numbers A113. Its the license plate number on Andy's mom's car in Toy Story, as cardboard boxes in A Bug's Life, and on the diver's camera in Finding Nemo. The code is a homage to a classroom at CalArts where many Pixar executives studied. Voice actor John Ratzenberger has also been featured in every Pixar movie and had even been described by Pixars Chief Creative Officer, John Lasseter as "Pixar's Good Luck Charm."
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    Pixar Successes
    Pixar is one of the most successful animation studios of all time. So far, it's 16 movies have grossed a total of $9.7 billion worldwide, averaging $606.2 million per movie. On reviewing site Rotten Tomatoes, 7 out of the top 10 animated movies are Pixar films. Furthermore, the studio has won 26 Academy Awards, 5 Golden Globes and 3 Grammys. It has also broken records for its merchandise. Merchandise from the Cars franchise generated a whopping $10 billion of sales, more than the actual movies.
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    Braves Tapestry
    For the film Brave, they modeled every single thread for a piece of fabric. Yes. Every. Single. Thread. They developed a technique to model a cloth that was woven of "billions of little fibers," so it would have the same texture as actual cloth. And then they created individual threads, representing each thread in the tapestry, and then wrote a computer program to weave them together.
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    The Lunch
    During one single lunch meeting in the summer of 1994, director John Lasseter and writers Andrew Stanton, Joe Ranft, and Pete Doctor sketched the character outlines for the studios four greatest films. 1998's "A Bug's Life", 2001's "Monsters, Inc.", 2003's "Finding Nemo" and 2008's "WALL-E" on nothing more than table napkins.
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    Toy Story 2 was almost deleted completely deleted
    Working long hours to complete Toy Story 2, some of the animators developed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with one even forgetting he had left his baby in the back of his car. Furthermore, due to an accidental run of a Unix command, the entire data of the film was deleted. However, a miracle saved the day, as a mom on maternity leave had a backup of the movie on her laptop at home. She then drove the laptop carefully to the studios in her minivan, later known as the $50 million minivan.
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    Cars' original script was about an electric car
    The original script for the most profitable movie of Pixar, which managed to generate as much as $10 billion in merchandising sales for Disney, Cars, was originally about an electric car living in a gas-guzzling world. The title of the movie was also different – it was called ‘The Yellow Car.’
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    Disney's plan was to finish off Pixar
    Disney had the plan of replacing Pixar with their own animation studio, which was called ‘Circle 7 Animation.’ Lasting for as much as 2 years, the studio even started working on Toy Story 3 as part of the evil plot.