1. A recent study determined that people who use emojis get more sex than people who don't.
  2. According to EmojiTracker which tracks real-time use of emojis online, the crying while laughing emoji is the most popular. Hearts are a close second.
  3. 'Emoji' was added as a word to Oxford dictionaries in 2013.
  4. There was a documentary made called 'Emoji Among Us' that shows the importance of emojis in our society.
  5. The Wall Street Journal has a function that allows you to translate their headlines into emojis.
  6. A man named Shigetaka Kurita created them as a way to make communication easier. They didn't become popular until Apple incorporated them on its operating systems.
  7. If you're threatening someone and use certain emojis, you can get in serious trouble. Courts are admitting emojis like guns, bombs, and that little skull as evidence of threats.
  8. Emoji is taken from the Japanese "E" (picture) and "Moji" (character).
  9. Twitter finally released emoji support on its web version on April of 2014. Those little icons would simply show up as blank if you visited Twitter.com on a laptop or desktop computer.
  10. Basketball player Mike Scott had several emojis tattooed on both arms and Miley Cyrus also had some ink featuring the sad cat emoji, on the inside of her lower lip.