I just transferred the information from Buzzfeed. It was very moving so I wanted to share it.
  1. "Mom, I'm going to college." Amadou Diallo, 23, February 4, 1999
    Amadou was innocent, unarmed, and misidentified by four policemen wearing street clothes. He was struck by 19 of 41 bullets fired.
  2. "It's not real." John Crawford, 22, August 5, 2014
    John was holding a toy rifle while inside a Walmart
  3. "I love you too!" Sean Bell, 23, November 23, 2006
    Sean's car was struck by 50 bullets in a matter of seconds because the police believed he had a gun. No weapon was found.
  4. "What are you following me for." Tray Martin, 17, February 26, 2012
    Tray on was unarmed, and was killed by a neighborhood watchman who was told to stop following him by a 911 dispatcher.
  5. "...." Jonathan Ferrell, 24, September 14, 2013
    Jonathan was seeking help after a car accident.
  6. "You shot me. You shot me!" Oscar Grant, 22, January 1, 2009
    Oscar was unarmed, on the ground, with his hands restrained behind his back.
  7. "Please don't let me die." Kimono Gray, 16, March 9, 2013
    3 of the 7 shots that struck Kimani entered through his back.
  8. "Why did you shoot me?" Kendrick McDade, 19, March 24, 2012
    An officer mistook another officers shots for Kendrec's. Kendrec's was unarmed and innocent for any crime.
  9. "Officers, why do you have your guns out?" Kenneth Chamberlain, November 19, 2011
    Kenneth accidentally triggered his own life alert necklace. When officers arrived, he refused help. The policemen broke through his door, tackled, insulted, and shot him with his arms at his side.
  10. "I can't breathe." Eric Garner, 43, July 17, 2014
    Officers used a prohibited choke hold, and when he stopped breathing, they waited 7 minutes before giving CPR.
  11. "I don't have a gun. Stop shooting." Michael Brown, 18, August 9, 2014
    Michael was shot after a physical altercation with the police. He was unarmed.