1. Watching people watch a short I produced called His Father's Son at a pop up cinema in London. It was in a warehouse under a road in West London and the screen was HUGE. Definitely a proud moment for me.
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  2. I'm obsessed with Workaholic Phoebe Buffay from Friends.
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  3. On the Train up to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August this year. I love that I'm half Scottish and always wish I could see more of my family and explore Scotland more. It's so beautiful. #soppy
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  4. I think I saw this photo on Pinterest or Instagram and screenshotted it for when I'm designing my future home.
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  5. This was from my one and only DJ set for a staff after party at a Jazz festival I worked at. DJ Flan rocked it albeit from an iPod. #rockandroll
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