Have you ever just hated a celebrity for no good reason? Maybe it's their face maybe it's an expression, maybe they deserve it.
  1. Miles Teller
    What is with his smarmy face? Every look, even the way he speaks has this air of superiority and I can't stand it. He's also not that good of an actor and I can't wait for the world to realise.
  2. Sebastian Stan
    While many find him attractive, I simply hate his stupid face. It might be his underbite, it might be his eyes, or maybe it's just everything about him.
  3. Changing Tatum
    He's a potato! Need I say more?
  4. Shailene Woodley
    She is so beige, so average and is essentially nothing. I like to equate her with a loaf of white bread. That's basically what she is.
  5. Bradley Cooper
    Much like Mikes Teller, he has an incredibly punchable face and I'd like him to stop being in movies.
  6. Kanye West
    There are a lot of reasons to hate him. He's egotistical, he says questionable things that should not be said and I don't enjoy his music. The fact that all my friends love him have propelled him to irrational hatred levels.
  7. Batman
    I don't care if he's a fictional character, he's an asshole and I hope one day superman or someone stronger crushes his dumb skull.