I'm late, but here's what I believe 😕

Inspired by @NumbahTwo
  1. Love is Love is Love!!!
  2. Cats rule, dogs drool!!!
  3. Babies are a little piece of heaven!!
    Represented by my grandson Ruger.
  4. Grandkids make life better!
    Represented by my granddaughter GraceLynn.
  5. Trucks are better than cars!
    I drive a Dodge 4X4. I love it.
  6. America is great!
    Not perfect but great!
  7. Time with my husband is precious.
  8. Supernatural is the best show on TV!
    The cast is amazing. So sweet and beautiful too!!!
  9. Reading can take you anywhere!
  10. You are never too old to learn.
  11. Be kind to EVERYONE!
    Your kindness no matter how small can make a huge difference for a person that may be struggling.
  12. Depression hurts.