My cats being cute!!!

These are my cats Captain Augustus McCrae and Joey (named for Joey on Friends).
  1. Gus and Joey laying in the sun. They usually fight over this spot!
  2. A solo pic of Gus in the sun. He must have won the fight this day.
  3. This view shows how extremely fat Joey is...😬
  4. Joey: I call this his "cute kitty" look.
  5. Gus posing.
  6. My puppies! How did they get in this list? 😉
  7. Perfectly normal way to sit.
  8. Nap time.
  9. They want some pizza. It's not gonna happen, cause they already puke all the time!
  10. What?
  11. He just didn't have the energy to get up.
  12. Just for giggles, my Mom's cat Cub playing cards and enjoying a glass of wine. 😜
  13. He just can't adult today.
  14. Life is even better upside down.