These aren't all horrible movies but they definitely aren't on any top 100 best lists either. For whatever reason, I just love them...
  1. 1. The Best of Times
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    Ron Shelton movie, Kurt Russel, Robin Williams, how do you go wrong? “That son of a bitch dropped the ball…. I am that son of bitch”
  2. 2. The Quest
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    Starring E.T’s Elliot himself, Henry Thomas; this little known Australian gem has been a favorite of mine since childhood. “Mr. Kaufman, do you believe in monsters”
  3. 3. Fandango
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    Early Kevin Costner and Judd Nelson. What can I say, I’m a sucker for “coming of age” road trips. “Let’s go see Dom”
  4. 4. Maximum Overdrive
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    Some of the most ridiculous dialogue ever put on celluloid and a most cheestastic "B" movie premise all add up to a glorious movie for me. “Honey-bun, this machine just called me an asshole”
  5. 5. Road House
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    Okay, a little bit of a clichéd “good/bad” movie, but if it’s on TV, I’m watchin’ it. “Pain don’t hurt”
  6. 6. Big Trouble in Little China
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    Yes, I enjoy me some 80s Kurt Russell, but seriously this movie (intentionally) cracks me up. “You know what ol’ Jack Burton always says…”
  7. 7. Vegas Vacation
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    Well probably not as bad as European vacation but endlessly watchable for me. “You got any damn bait!”
  8. 8. Signs
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    Just before M. Night went off the rails, the best alien invasion movie ever, yep, I just said that. “Merrill, swing away”
  9. 9. Sphere
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    Underrated Michael Crichton movie, totally caught me off guard, love it. “We’re all gonna die down here”