I'm only a few days in, and I'm not sure how @bjnovak and @dev want our input, but this seems like a logical way to do it.
  1. "Cool!"
    This was my initial reaction when @jennikonner asked whether I'd be interested in being a beta-tester. I like social media and I enjoy getting a peek at new things in development.
  2. Jealousy
    Even though I hadn't received my invite and only had a rudimentary understanding of what the app was, I was instantly envious of @bjnovak for being involved. "A list thing. I could have come up w that." I have this reaction almost every time I hear a good idea, or see a funny tv show or movie. As you can imagine, watching Shark Tank is unbearable. Very quickly, I hear my dad's voice in my head. "But u didn't think of it, Josh. Somebody else did." This brings me back to earth. He's right, Dad is.
  3. "Yes!"/"No!"
    Look at me, I'm part of an elite club of cyber-intelligentsia. It's pretty exclusive, and I'm in! Then I sign in for the first time and realize there are already hundreds of people participating who by definition are cooler than I. Oh well.
  4. Homework
    I start clicking around on the app and reading lists. I am simultaneously impressed with the creativity, humor, and knowledge people are sharing, and also daunted by having to add content. I'm thinking I'm more of a Twitter guy. Tiny, limited offerings. Maybe that's my thing. I feel pressure. There are people I want to think well of me here and I'm a "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt" kind of guy.
  5. Expandable AVIs!
    I understand that it's being worked on. Make it so! I'm tired of searching Listers on Twitter so I can get a look at them.
  6. No option to add a RETURN.
    Maybe I am missing something, but I don't see a way to add a RETURN when composing a list. It makes it difficult to format the text as I'd like.
  7. Jump in
    I publish my first list, and quickly start receiving funny, meaningful, positive feedback. This is clearly a supportive community, and I'm digging the more significant interaction here as compared to other social media experiences. Still, I wonder whether I'll have the time/energy to keep posting lists.
  8. Day II
    I wake up and The List App is the first thing I check online. This is significant. I am sold, and motivated to compose new lists. I'm also really enjoying reading the offerings of friends and strangers. There is such a wealth of information and thoughtful input here. You guys have created something special.
  9. My version of your list
    I feel there should be a way, after reading a list that inspires me, to create my own version of it. You like these 10 books? Here are 6 that I like. Then, as others compile their own, they'd all be linked up and easy to browse.
  10. Alerts
    It would be cool if I could set alerts so that the app lets me know if someone I follow (or anyone on TAL, should I choose to cast a wider net) mentions a specific word or phrase. It would make it easier for me to find lists about pasta and Leo Sayer.
  11. Links to lists
    Maybe there is an easy way to do this of which I'm unaware, but I'd love to be able to link to another list from a comment or a list of my own.
  12. Fishbowl
    I remember as a kid wanting a betta fish and learning that they are so overly aggressive that they have to live alone; you can't put two in a bowl. Sad. Well, I'm happy that betas play better than bettas. And I'm enjoying this particular fishbowl. Well done, @bjnovak and @dev, and anyone else I'm unaware of who developed this great app.