I know materialism is a poor altar to worship at. I also know it's bad to end a sentence w a preposition. Nevertheless, see my first sentence and the following list of stuff that gives me pleasure.
  1. My Fiat 500e
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    Gosh I love this car. It handles great (like a go-cart). It's inexpensive (you can finds 99/mo. lease!). And it's all-electric! Awesome car. I could sell these door to door. Already talked my dad and a friend into leasing one. Well, two. They each have one. Otherwise it would have been awkward.
  2. Pilot Petit fountain pens.
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    I love fountain pens, though -- like most of my enthusiasms -- I don't really know anything about them. Someone in the know, a list please? Anyhoo, these little suckers cost about 6 bucks a piece, look cool, and write wonderfully. Great starter fountain for a kid, too.
  3. Odd Jewish superhero belt buckle/watch
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    An heirloom from my grandma's side of the family. The K is for Kutlow, her maiden name, but it also reads "Kosherman!" to me. The idea is to wear it on your belt. You push a little button, a watch is revealed, and Kosherman tells you the time, a helpful -- if underwhelming -- superpower. I've been afraid to put it on a belt and wear it. Worried I'll lose or damage it, but I really should risk it.
  4. Benrus Dial-O-Rama "Jump Hour" watch
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    This story is insane. Moved to LA in '92. I used to eye this baby in the store window of Wanna Buy a Watch on Melrose. It probably cost 20 bucks in the 50s, but it was priced at a prohibitive $450. After a good poker night, I bought it. It was my prized possession. Then...I lost it. I was heartbroken. Next 10 years I searched in vain for a similar one. Finally found it at Wertz Brothers antiques, and it was the actual one! Really. Identifiably so. Bought it again, this time for $400.
  5. I am going to add to this list, but I don't have time right now, and I haven't thrown a list up in days. Days, I tell you. Please add in the comments section or make your own similar list!