1. Sophie (left) and Rosie (right, what else?)
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    These are 2/3 of my cats. They are cute and like the dishwasher.
  2. "A Work To Be Stepped On" -- from MOMA's Yoko Ono exhibit
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    It's a scrap of worn fabric and a crudely written label, but it took me at least 20 minutes to steel myself to follow the directions. MOMA is telling me this is art. Is it really okay to step on it? Does it only become art when I step on it? Or am I actually going to get tossed as soon as I do? I'm not sure the piece reaches a profound place intellectually, but my heart was pounding and I was in a light full-body sweat when I finally took the plunge (only after I saw a young woman do it b4 me).
  3. Emor
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    My son Avi (he's Jewish) became a bar mitzvah last weekend. The night before, as the event's imminence finally sank in, he looked at me and said "Wow. I've been dreading this since I was 7." It all went as I had hoped. Life is good.
  4. My mom hates when I share pictures like this one.
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    No, I'm not known for being handsome. But the full story of how hideous I can be has yet to be told.
  5. Michael Vartan -- circa 2007.
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    He and I appeared in an ill-fated ABC show called Big Shots. I don't remember much about the series --certainly nothing that would begin to explain this picture.
  6. Gribenes
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    Turkey skin, chicken skin, and onions -- fried in duck fat.
  7. Triptych
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    Two of these pics are of Tony Goldwyn.
  8. Funny texting joke.
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    Text your friends something like this: "Hey! See the camera button next to where you type when you text? Hold it down and slide your finger up to the other camera button that's going to come up. Hold it then release, and you get all these filters nobody knows about!" You will get back awkward selfies like this one. You're welcome.