Ok, I'm not saying I'm proud of all of these, but -- as requested by @shannon -- here's a smattering...
  1. 1989 A Few Good Men on Broadway
    Making my professional acting debut playing small roles in Aaron Sorkin's play. I put itching powder in my friend Ron Ostrow's costume. Turns out it was made of little metal shards, and he howls when he dons the shirt. Company meeting held. We are chastised, but nobody gives me up. Later -- en masse -- they put their bare feet on me, which I detest.
  2. Sports Night -- 1999
    Josh Charles as the "star" of the show has a dressing room w a mac. We all use it to check our AOL accounts (ha). He won't tell me his password so that I can use it when he's not there. One time he accidentally types it into the wrong window, and I see the letters instead of asterisks. Alone one day, I sign on as him and write an e-mail to his entire contact list, coming out of the closet. It is subtly worded, his friends react badly, and he is very angry.
  3. The West Wing -- circa 2002
    An ongoing prank war w Producer/Director Alex Graves. At one point I steal his ipod, erase the 4,300 songs thereon and reset the controls to Mandarin Chinese. He's furious, punches me in the nuts in retaliation. I lecture him on the difference between pranking and assault.
  4. The West Wing -- circa 2004
    Jimmy Smits joins the cast. A couple weeks later, it's Valentine's Day. Having stolen Brad Whitford's personalized stationery, I compose a lightly homoerotic note from Brad to Jimmy, about how much he likes working w him. I mean, he really likes it. Janel Moloney and I have a huge bouquet of flowers delivered to Jimmy on set w the note. It's awkward. When Smits finds out -- months later -- that it was I, he refuses to shake my hand.
  5. Scandal -- November, 2014
    For Jimmy Kimmel's bday I convince Scandal cast to record messages for him that I've carefully written w his staff so that we can edit them 2 make cast look dumb. "I'm an unbearable vegan." "It hurts when I pee." "I accept Joshua Malina as my personal savior." That sort of thing. Before it airs, I reveal what I've done. Most r good sports, though one person threatens not to allow her footage 2 be used, and one cast member tells me I "broke her heart." All friendships compromised, but worth it.