It's maybe a 13 minute drive. We can get 4 or 5 songs in. We take turns picking, but play only things we both like. One of my favorite ways to bond w my girl. She lets me sing along (!).
  1. "Deep Dark Truthful Mirror" -- Elvis Costello
    Gosh I love this song. Great lyrics ("A butterfly drinks a turtle's tears, but how do you know he really needs it?") and Elvis is at his vocal limit throughout.
  2. "Can't Pin Me Down" -- Marina and the Diamonds
    Awesome anti-girl anthem girl anthem.
  3. "No Faith In Brooklyn" -- Hoodie Allen (feat. Jhameel)
    Good one by excellent/unthreatening Jew rapper. Plus, her best friend is named Brooklyn, so haha.
  4. "Watch The Tapes" -- LCD Soundsystem
    "Read all the pamphlets and watch the tapes! Read all the pamphlets and watch the tapes! Read all the pamphlets and watch the tapes!" I don't know what this means; I try to live by it.
  5. "Blank Space" and/or "Out Of The Woods" -- Taylor Swift
    I particularly enjoy the anthemic nature of the latter. After a T.S. tune, I will almost always tell my daughter "I really like her relationship songs."
  6. "Oh, Goddamnit" -- Hot Hot Heat
    Love this song, but I hate that word. It's the yeshiva boy in me. Didn't even feel right to write it. Often, to spare me anxiety, we'll play "Bandages" instead.
  7. "Mardy Bum" -- Arctic Monkeys
    Oh that cute little accent!
  8. "Cobrastyle" -- Teddybears
    "No press trigger mi nuh press people button/Nuh bodda chat, come face mi wid somethin."
  9. "Clown Strike" -- Elvis Costello
    It's one of my great joys that I was able to turn her on to E.C. I like that she likes this relatively obscure one. "(Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes," "Watching ATG Detectives," and "Pump It Up" get a lot of play too.
  10. "Smoke" -- Moors
    Get this great self-titled album!
  11. "Don't Say Nuthin!" -- The Roots
    Good shit.