Taking shots at celebrities is -- comedically speaking -- low-hanging fruit. But I can't help myself. I like that The List App brings out a better side of people, including me. These got me blocked.
  1. Chris Brown
    1. You are a pig. RT @chrisbrown People who make mistakes and learn from them are ROLE MODELS 2 Im just happy to inspire growth and positivity! 2. Could you be less self-aware? RT @chrisbrown HAPPY VALENTINES DAY ladies... Let today be about u!!! Love you. 3. Assault is FELONY! RT @chrisbrown Music is FREEDOM!
  2. Clairvoyant (yeah, right) James Van Praagh
    1. .@JamesVanPraagh How did you first discover your ability to pretend to communicate with the dead? 2. I want to scam the bereaved out of cash. Any tips? RT @JamesVanPraagh Take 15 minutes a week to list the things you want to accomplish.
  3. John Cusack -- I regret this one because it was a shot at physical appearance, which one shouldn't take, especially when one looks like me. I felt a little better when I later read his TL and realized he's a bit of a loon.
    I'm just afraid Cusack's mouth looks too much like an ass to play Poe really well.
  4. Star Jones -- She unleased a flurry of critical tweets aimed at Scandal, and more specifically Olivia Pope's romantic interest in white men. I was moved to respond.
    .@StarJonesEsq Maybe stop throwing shade at #Scandal and create your own t.v. show. Then you can watch that.
  5. Russell Crowe
    1. .@RussellCrowe should have hunted down his vocal coach with the same intensity his Javert brings to the search for Jean Valjean. 2. .@RussellCrowe has been cast as Noah in @DarrenAronofsky's film! Look 4 the scene where Noah beats the last 2 unicorns to death with a phone.
  6. Deepak Chopra -- In real life he seems nice enough and even like he has a sense of humor, but on Twitter I find him unbearable.
    1. Try sitting through Hugo. “@DeepakChopra: It is impossible to experience non existence” 2. Are you saying I'm fat? RT @DeepakChopra: Your body is an image in consciousness 3. Tell that to Sophie. RT @DeepakChopra No matter what the situation, remind yourself “I have a choice.” 4. Got anything for Jews? RT @DeepakChopra Love, let go, and flow is the formula for a joyous life. 5. "If u know urself it is easy to know others" -- Deepak Chopra "RrrrrAAAAgrrrRRowrrrrragrRRaa!!!" -- Chupacabra
  7. Mike Tyson -- This one didn't actually get me blocked. But I wish it had.
    How do you rank among rapists? RT @MikeTyson I heard I am the 2nd most influential athlete on Twitter & Facebook.