I'm so obsessed with Coca~Cola that...:

This is my all time favorite List already!
  1. I blow my car horn every time I see a Coca~Cola vehicle.
    It makes me feel good, don't judge me!
  2. I own Coca~Cola clothes and memorabilia.
  3. Drinking Coca~Cola makes me happy, no matter what it always makes me feel better.
  4. This is literally my favorite picture!
  5. I secretly hope my Coca~Cola has a little bit of that Throwback #real coca~ina in it ;)
  6. Pepsi is my archenemy! Curse You Pepsi Drinkers!!!!
    PS. Pepsi tastes like ashes, seriously!
  7. I believe that the Coca~Cola Santa is the Real Santa and the Cola Polar Bears live at the North Pole.
  8. Every time I see Coca~Cola written or someone drinking it I smile because at that moment all is right in the world!
  9. I only like the color red when it comes to Coke
    My favorite color is...... Blue😱😲😬