Had the opportunity to start watching this show again after a 25 year hiatus. It's pretty much the same, except Maria is much older now.
  1. #10-Grover. Friendly. Great voice. Versatile. Has his own superhero character. Strong start. Underrepresented on the show, or he'd be higher on the list.
  2. #9-Murray. Opens every show with "HI! I'm Murray!!" And then gives us the word of the day. Has a Spanish speaking sheep as his best friend. Baller.
  3. #8-Abby. Overrated character. Annoying voice. Solves every problem with magic - not realistic. Sucks the air out of the room.
  4. #7-The Count. Loves numbers. Never overstays his welcome. Great laugh.
  5. #6-Snuffy. Takes 2 people to operate this puppet. Big birds best friend. Good singer. Too shy.
  6. #5-Elmo. Tickle Me toy really brought him into the forefront. Great character with a good attitude, but doesn't take it to the next level. Timmy's #1.
  7. #4-Oscar. Lives in a trash can by choice. Funniest character on the show. Knows who he is. Green. Little known fact- he has a grouch mom and sister who live in Grouchland.
  8. #3-Ernie. Great sweater. Puts up with a roommate who is a real jerk. Dedicated to rubber duckie. Possibly gay.
  9. #2-Big bird. Moral center of the show. Lives in a nest in an alley. Has a blanket and pajamas. One of a very few characters with legs. Good singer.
  10. #1-Cookie Monster. Googly eyes. Great voice. Never actually eats the cookies. Single minded in a powerful way. Doesn't get enough screen time.