Uber Everywhere

Things I think about when I'm driving for UBER late at night
  1. There has to be an easier way to rake in some extra cash!
  2. UBER needs to sell me or give me a shirt. I like looking professional sometimes.
  3. Why do people get this drunk? It doesn't even sound fun...anymore!
  4. What do I do if someone start getting busy in my car.
    I'm not a blocker by any means, but I also don't want potential children on my backseat!
  5. I wish I could bring friends along. It would make the rides better.
  6. Lord, please don't let me get robbed. They might kill me when they look inside my wallet.
  7. Is anyone else picking up these these "extra" drunk people?
  8. The perfect formula so I can drive all night and go to work without looking like an extra from TWD!
  9. Thank God, Buddha, & Krishna that I do this. I dread the thought of what these folks on their own.