1. The one where Blanche has supposedly slept with Charlie, Rose's beloved deceased husband. (She didn't. The old camera double-exposed the film.)
  2. The one where they write the song "Miami Is Nice." "Miami, you're cuter'n an interuterine..."
  3. The one when Rose's cousin Sven comes to visit from Saint Olaf and falls for Blanche and her feminine wiles. And she calls him "Swen."
  4. Any flashback episode.
  5. The one when they all date the actor during the community theatre production of a non-legal-issue version of "Our Town."
  6. The one when Dorothy works at the museum and Blanche's boss wants to throw a surprise party for Blanche and puts Dorothy in charge. And Blanche thinks Dorothy is sleeping with the boss to get ahead. Joke's on Blanche, you guys.
  7. The one where the "hurricane's a-comin" and Stan sleeps with Dorothy's sister Gloria.
  8. The one when Dorothy's son is dating an older black woman and her mother freaks out when she meets him, saying "Michael? This is Michael!?!"