I had an idea for an essay about Madonna and my adoration of her. It actually came to me in a dream. And I believe In dreams. I just want to get some edits done. Then these two sit down.
  1. She slept over his place. They met last night. Her hair looks really good.
  2. He's from a foreign land. Like Portugal. Or Rio. Or Cleveland and has a lisp. I can't really tell.
  3. He was cuter last night. For sure.
  4. He's wearing expensive fashioney camo pants. They're a little too tight. We don't mind.
  5. He has a sister that's "skinny like you except she works out a lot." And then... "Because she has a disease."
  6. She got just plain scrambled eggs. And nothing else. Who does that? He ate the same as me. Except I finished all my toast and bacon. (Except for half a piece. As you well know.)
  7. Something about potassium.
  8. She lives across the street from me. She is vague about having a roommate.
  9. The boots she wore last night/is wearing now are definitely not comfortable.
  10. She's been heartbroken before. He's telling her it takes time.
  11. He can get her a hook-up at Wage Works so she can get an even bigger discount on MetroCards!
  12. He had 6 drinks in 5 hours last night.
  13. He does not ride the metro on the weekend.