At the W4 Street F stop
  1. An old man is playing a screechy violin-cello thing. I should know the name of this instrument but don't. (I'm super-unfiltered and honest today.)
  2. Every other train but mine is coming and going.
  3. I have heartburn.
  4. Ray of Light continues to not disappoint, all these years later.
  5. My shoulder is weighted down by books, wine, and princess coloring tablets for my friends and their daughters, whom I'm going to visit in the BK.
  6. I wonder why I have no plans tonight. Am I losing my touch?
  7. The train is coming.
  8. No, it's not. That's the damn M. Who takes the M? I mean really.
  9. Somebody who takes the M just shoved me out of the way as I typed my last point.