1. Straightening the foil from a Kiss wrapper.
    It's an art try it. Carefully unwrapping the Hershey kiss and straightening all the creases in the foil until it's smooth no tears.
  2. Napping.
    For 3 hours minimum. Actually, scratch that that's a necessity.
  3. Reading people's comments under celebrities Instagram pictures
    when people start arguing with each other under the comments of a picture lol😂😭
  4. Steak 'n Shake and Imos pizza.
    It's a St. Louis thing.
  5. Reality tv
    Currently watching Vanderpump Rules and I really just want to punch James little British face in.
  6. Drinking water from an old tin camping cup
    Try it. Keeps the water cold all night and even in the morning.
  7. Making lists when I should be cleaning my room