Favorite Videogames You've Never Heard Of

Sometimes you feel like you know everything, you don't.
  1. Kid Chameleon
    Just a really awesome game I used to play on my dad's old windows.
  2. Comix Zone
    Another really awesome game. Really fucking hard though.
  3. Samba de Amigo
    Who doesn't love Mexican monkeys breaking it out with maraca shaking music battles? I sure as hell did.
  4. Biometal
    An old game that involved aliens, space ships, alien space ships, and hardcore boss fights that made the game impossible. Fuck old videogames right?
  5. Rayman M
    A dude made of floating bits of matter...plus...racing? Not sure why, but this game was the shit when I was younger.
  6. F-Zero
    This is where Captain Falcon was born y'all. He's a terrible smash character, but this is is his origin. I really don't like him in smash...