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We can't all be lettuce and tomato. Let's take a look at some of the ingredients that missed the final cut. (Completely fabricated)
  1. Cucumbers
    We decided that lettuce is plenty crunch for a burger. However, pickle those cucumbers and you got a whole new ballgame.
  2. Toast
    Whoever thought of this one forgot about the buns I guess. Toast is dumb on a burger.
  3. Hot Sauce
    You have to open your mouth pretty wide to fit a burger. And if your lips are chapped they can crack with every bite. Add hot sauce to the equation and you've got salt in an open wound.
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Christmas needs an update, bad.
  1. Yule AF - Fetty Wap
  2. Diamonds on my Christmas Tree - Fabolous
  3. All I Want For Christmas (is a Big Booty Hoe) - 2Chainz
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  1. Heroes only become famous when they're dead.
  2. How to spell "mannequin"
  3. Donald Trump is actually a person.
  4. The Minnesota Vikings are okay at football.
It all started with milf. Now there's an ilf for every level in the alphabet.
  1. Ailf (Australian I'd Like to Fuck)
    We all know a sexy Australian unless you are that sexy Australian, in which case, we'd like to fuck you.
  2. Bilf (Brother I'd Like to Fuck)
    Exclusive to the incest crowd. Not a fun one to break out at parties.
  3. Cilf (Couple I'd Like to Fuck)
    They're cute together but even cuter naked.
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  1. Giving a high five.
  2. Flicking a cigarette.
  3. Giving a peace sign.
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  1. Stacy's Mom - Fountains of Wayne
A tequila and taco filled extravaganza. Óle.
  1. Tequila
    If you don't get shit faced on tequila, you're doing it wrong.
  2. Mexican food
    You gotta go out to eat at a Mexican restaurant and take tequila shots
  3. Margaritas
    Delicious chaser for your tequila shots
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A gallon a day and you turn into Superman apparently
  1. Day One
    Kicked that shit by noon. Thought this was gonna be hard. Pshhh.
  2. Day Two
    I give up. This is dumb.
  1. Game 1 Frame 1: ten pin spare. 9/
    Threw it like a bitch and it paid off
  2. Game 1 Frame 2: 2-8 spare. 8/
    Too fast outside. Sleeper city.
  3. Game 1 Frame 3: Strike X
    A touch flat. Tripped 10 pin.
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  1. Bobsleds: A Theoretical Approach
  2. Intro to Marsupial Mating Rituals
  3. Advanced PhysioBionometrics
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