I get new ones every day. This is just today's. Only. Today.
  1. When QuikTrip clerks don't make eye contact with me and have separate conversations with other employees.
    As someone who worked at QT I know how much it's stressed to take care of the customer. This includes undivided attention.
  2. When someone in another car glares at me for not driving passively.
    I'm not the only person to disappoint you today. We're both trying to get somewhere so keep your eyes to yourself.
  3. Shoving your way into the shuttle
    Are you god damn kidding me? There is a universal protocol with shuttles. Let people off before you get on and just because you're bigger than that small girl doesn't mean you can push her out of the way to find your favorite seat (right by the driver because he's the only one that will talk to you). Bitch.
  4. The one girl that laughs at every sci-fi/Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings reference
    Yes we know being a nerd is cool now but not when you never miss an opportunity to let people know your massive knowledge of all things fantasy. Let's take a step back.
  5. PDA in the classroom
    Unforgivable. PDA in general is nauseating but Jesus Christ. In the classroom? Mid-lecture? I hope you violently break up. In the classroom.
  6. The walk to my Philosophy class
    Because it's a long, boring walk to a shit location.
  7. People that take things too seriously
    Life is a joke. Make fun of it.
  8. 'Keep Calm And...' shirts
    Hackneyed. Move on.
  9. Hallway Loiterers
    Did you know that people use these things to walk in? To every five "excuse me's" there ought to be a "clear the fuck out!!"
  10. People who say "maltiple"
    I'd like to pall my teeth out of my god damn head