Reasons Why Cinco De Mayo Is The Greatest Holiday Ever

A tequila and taco filled extravaganza. Óle.
  1. Tequila
    If you don't get shit faced on tequila, you're doing it wrong.
  2. Mexican food
    You gotta go out to eat at a Mexican restaurant and take tequila shots
  3. Margaritas
    Delicious chaser for your tequila shots
  4. Tequila
    Can't stress this enough
  5. EVERYBODY celebrates it
    From getting rip shit on tequila to a simple sombrero and poncho costume, everyone celebrates in their own way
  6. Semester is almost over
    The greatest holiday ever has to be in the greatest time of the year and there's no better time than the beginning of summer
  7. Tequila
  8. Tequila
  9. Shots of tequila