Worst Hair Styles for Men and Boys

Forget whatever you think you know looks good on you, these hair styles only make you look dumber.
  1. The Mullet.
    Made famous by Miley's dad, this is an oldy but goody. We thought they looked good in the late 80s - early 90s. They didn't.
  2. The Flat Top.
    Guys in the military get a waiver on this one, otherwise NO.
  3. The Comb Over.
    A style seldom worn among the younger set, this style is worn by men scared of getting old. Embrace it - shave it.
  4. The Trump.
    Rarely seen on anyone but the Donald, it's hard to imagine a hairstyle that could make you look any dumber. In this case, it's a true representation of what lies beneath it.
  5. The Faux Hawk.
    Often seen on little boys between the ages of 2-7 and 18-50. Always dumb.
  6. The Man Bun.
    The worst of all. You couldn't look more dumb.