1. Lip balm
    A #1
  2. Phone charger and aux cord
  3. Podcasts
    Radio Lab, This American Life, Marketplace and Fresh Air. Some others to fill-in here and there.
  4. Lip gloss
    Special, usually for nights or meetings
  5. Thick stack of stollen napkins.
  6. Gum
    After eating, before a meeting.
  7. Granola bar and salted nuts.
    Twice I've been so hungry I over-ate on the nuts and threw up out of the window unexpectedly while driving.
  8. 3-5 pairs on sunglasses
    Polarized wayfarers. Also bought in bulk on Amazon for $1.99.
  9. Small caliber sharpie
    I've been caught trying to sign a card with a ball-point on the way to a birthday party one too many times.
  10. Like 3-6 Glasses
    I always bring a glass, glass of iced tea with me and forget to take the empty in when I get home. These roll around on the floor constantly crashing into each other and the car seats increasingly raising my anxiety. It's like I'm addicted to the stress.
  11. A ton of straws on the floor
    I also only like to drink with straws. I remember when I was around 19 and living on my own. I realized I was an adult and could buy as many straws as I wanted. So I've been buying cases of the huge, thick ones at restaurant supply stores ever since.
  12. Tweezers
    Natural light and a close mirror, yes please
  13. Exterior scratch and chip paint
    It's like _______ never happened.