1. My dogs are almost 11, will they still call me Mommy after that milestone birthday?
  2. My husband's out of town, is someone hiding in the house to kill or steal?
  3. When will I retire?
  4. When will I want to retire?
  5. Are we infertile or will it be a breeze?
  6. How hard will it be after it's a breeze? Crushing, scraping? Soul jerking or smiles? Probably all, I know.
  7. How will I be able to parent if I don't know how to buy a stock or a bond or even how to cash in on our renters insurance?
  8. This no snowpack feels like a really big deal, is it?
  9. Do I need internal pelvic floor massage or just feel the Portland pressure? It's like $500.00, but a strong, functioning pelvic floor is worth thousands anyone could argue.
  10. Will I always live far away from my aging parents?
  11. Can I ever be completely and totally blackhead free? If so, how? Honestly, how?!
  12. Are the mice going to stay in the walls?
  13. Does anyone else know how good the IKEA frozen crepes are? How do I tell everyone but not have them sell out?
  14. And, is this a real picture made for all of us?
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