1. The cheese
    Me: I know that's sort of intense. We don't have to talk about it right now if you don't want to. Mom: stares at plate Me: what are you thinking about? Mom: oh, just this piece of cheese. I got ranch dressing on a simple salad so where did this piece of cheese come from?
  2. The show title
    Mom: He was on that show called Family. Me: you mean Brothers and Sisters? Mom: Oh yeah! That's the one.
  3. The deer
    Dad very narrowly missed a deer on our drive tonight. The dusk was turning darker and the brakes were slammed. There were some over-corrections and we came about 6 inches from slamming her. My bobbie pins were shaken loose and I had to lay down after. Mom kept saying how the deer would have ended up in her lap.
  4. Portland
    It sounds like it's just beautiful there right now.
  5. Hubs and Pups
    What else is there?