There's been an ebb and flow, you could say.
  1. Children's books
    5? Raggedy Anne was a favorite. My Dad, in a pretty sweet move, filled my room will stuffed animals old and new, and attached a makeshift slide to my bed so while the rest of the family slept, I could have a full-on partay with the animals that 'came to life'.
  2. Forged books for pizza
    My school bought into Pizza Hut's genius marketing 'Book It' program where you got a sticker for every book you read and at 10 books you got a free personal pan pizza. I obviously learned quickly that no one had the time to disprove that you read a book.
  3. Book Fair
    I realize now that this had nothing to do with reading, it was the first time I could con my Mom into giving me money to spend how I wanted to, damnit. I bought pencils and book marks, do dads and bull crap and literally zero books. My parents didn't have the wind in their sails to follow up about what I got. This lead right into the "Mom, I know exactly what computer we need from Gateway, just let me order it...Add the CD burner please" phase.
  4. The Giver
    Age 8, My brothers were teens prematurely moving out in a fussy rage and I was feeling quite angsty and sage for my age and dove into The Giver. By dove I mean started it 10-12 times, finished it maybe once? And told everyone I could how amazing it was. I don't remember any of it.
  5. No books
    14-18 High school. The Internet was finally here to freely plagiarize book reports from or at least summarize the book. I was there to be my English teachers worst nightmare.
  6. The Four Agreements
    18. We were brought up spiritual with no specific religion and this was just the short, fast reading Bible I'd been looking for as I scooted into "adulthood".
  7. David Sedaris
    18 on. His genius dry generally non-fiction short stories are just what my Dr. thought my attention span could digest. Still are.
  8. 100's of unread books
    18 to Forever. I love the idea and again, love buying them but...nope.
  9. Wild
    29. I read is over a month during postpartum overnights in a clients creepy basement. I loved it and that I finished it.
  10. Podcasts
    18-as long as podcasts are made. I've settled for these amazing, ever changing 'books on tape'.
  11. Jealousy
    Always and forever. For the friends and family who can devour books and feel richer for it. Who have reading chairs and reading nooks, who can disappear into these well crafted worlds as if it were a little vacation.
  12. Maybe
    Right now. I should buy the new Brene Brown book and really try this time.