I'm a postpartum doula and what that means is that everyday I get to... Thanks @sloan for the suggestion!
  1. Help parents welcome their babies home.
    Baby's home. What now? Settle in, lay back, get as comfy as possible- I can help get you more comfy. And let me bring snacks to you, help you feed baby, make dinner, field visitors, set your house up, set the nursery up- for no reason cause you won't be in there at all for the first month and I'll tell you this but it'll feel really good to you to have all the wall decals up so that's fine and understandable. Help Dad.
  2. Help big brothers and sisters welcome their babies home.
    I like to really focus on that the new baby is just as much their's as it is Mom and Dad's or Mom and Momma's or Dad and Dad's. You get it. Everyone had a baby!!!
  3. Answer parents questions!
    Anything, really anything. Hiccups, normal. Rash, maybe! Let me see it. Cradle cap, let's talk. Breastfeeding, yes!! Is it ok if I watch? Is it ok if I touch? Tongue tie, let's talk. Moby, Boba, Ergo? Yes, yes, later.
  4. See new parents be the total best.
    They're the best. New parents are 💯, maybe 99 but super great. No one knows their baby like they do.
  5. Shower parents with praise.
    Cause they deserve it. And need it and the lowering of stress is palpable after a good praise shower. The anxiety is intense and necessary from a cave-man-biological-stand-point but not today with the parents that I'm seeing that are killing it, not killing it.
  6. Smell new babies!!
  7. Bathe new babies!!
    If the parents want me too. My advice is to wait a few weeks and for parents to do it because it's so special but sometimes baby has pooped all over it's back and baby needs a bath right then and there and parents hands are full.
  8. Help with breastfeeding.
    It's a wide world of opinions and ideas to get a baby to suck at a breast that sometimes has never been used for anything but sex before. It's strange for Mom, and Dad. And so soft and sweet and totally miraculous and natural and hard. This isn't even getting into pumping, storing , supplementing, tongue tie and sensitivities. Those are fun challenges for me, too.
  9. Nail changing diapers.
    for when @dean and I are old and need it or maybe for when we have kids.
  10. Nail swaddling.
    Like, 10 different kinds of swaddling to make every baby comfortable and happy. Some babies don't like swaddled and since I always respect babies, those babies get to fly free.
  11. See inside people's houses!
    This one is huge. One of my all time favorite things has always been when people leave their curtains open at night and I can gander. Now I get to be the one leaving other people's curtains open at night! And look all around their house. And admire their decoration choices and space use. Amazing.
  12. Playing with older kids.
    I really love this part. Older kids need lots of attention usually to make sure they know on a deep level that they aren't going to be left on the roadside and I'm your gal to help if parents are feeding or cuddling baby or exhausted. Probably exhausted.
  13. Do laundry, clean dishes and straighten.
    I genuinely love doing these small tasks and it seems to really work for the parents. Also, they usually have dishwashers which we don't have at home so it feels like a Jetson style dream.
  14. Cook/Bake.
    I've been baking pies from scratch since I was 6, mainly because I'm highly addicted to pastries and carbs. In adulthood I've tried to cut out baked goods at home but I still love doing it. So when I'm working overnights with a family (see later bullet point) I get to make lactation cookies and frittatas and whatever else for them to have good, lactogenic food on hand. Also, you should see the ovens I get to work with, Wolf, Viking, antique Black and Decker! Wow.
  15. Work in my pajamas.
  16. Catch and assist with Postpartum anxiety or depression.
    Not fun but awesome. I get the total privilege of being one of the only practitioners to see Mom before and after baby and I can track differences and struggles. Postpartum mood disorders fall significantly with a doula because of these simple words: how are you? How are you feeling? How was that for you?And then not saying anything else besides: thank you for telling me this, that sounds ________, you're doing so great. Touching her hand and looking her in the eye. And get her water.
  17. Watch other people's TV's and seeing what they record.
    So much Bachelorette!
  18. Helping parents get sleep by staying overnight.
    I have baby safe, happy and content. If breastfeeding, I bring baby to mom when hungry and after feeding I cuddle, change, clean, smooth and comfort baby back to sleep. Mom gets a lot more rest, baby and I kick it. Or sometimes I bring mom clean pump parts and properly store milk and wash parts after pumping is finished. It's great.
  19. Everything.