Maybe these are universal? Maybe they are unique to me, but I was not expecting them.
  1. Eating in the middle of the night and what that really means.
    I've been told to eat if I wake in the night. I wake, early on it was lightly, looking for the time, now it's with an intense burning. I get up as to not lie in a pile of crumbs and cheese. I eat and try to quickly get back in bed otherwise, like last night, I'll be up for hours. This means not brushing my teeth. Everyday when I wake for good it taste like I've been brewing sake in my mouth, that's not a good thing to me.
  2. The taste
    My saliva has changed. Apparently this one is very common. Unless I'm actively eating it tastes consistently like metal, copper and acid mixing and there's a lot more of it now.
  3. The smell elevation
    Sure, I heard about this. But it's intense, almost torturous. That bush on the next block smells like cat pee and the toast you just made is making me vomit. I can smell the urinal cakes through the whole restaurant and the fridge smells like the worst hell. Breathes are the worst.
  4. Eating through the flu
    Morning sickness is all day. It feels like the flu as generally there is a fog of nausea and exhaustion and the vomit sneaks up on you. Sometimes it's gut wrenching and you lie on the floor after not able to catch your breath and sometimes just a little blurp. Most of the time it's intense. To make it better, or at least not worse, you have to eat, every hour at least. It's a unknown length flu, somewhere between 6-20 weeks, that you have to eat your way through.
  5. The digestive issues
    Are varied, intense and totally surprising
  6. The sadness
    Everyone is congratulating you. You are terrified and sad and cry a lot. The hormonal-coaster is happening and you're just a passenger strapped in. Much like this new life you thought you wanted.
  7. Your Mom
    You want your Mom, her hugs and her cooking. Her smile. But you can only call for now and she only talks about herself.
  8. Your husband
    Is confused and sad that you're sad. He's very excited and wants to cuddle but you're sad and breathes are the worst. Everyday is meeting in the middle. I get it.
  9. The lessons
    Are already obvious and I'm starting to be more open to them. I keep thinking how people always say, "Becoming a parent changed me." And how ridiculously understated that is. This baby isn't even a baby and we'll never be the same.