1. Months of recorded Simpson's.
    Mom pulled up the one that aired on my birthday last year for a special treat. And she just double-checked the number cause she thought it would be more funny and it's 241.
  2. My childhood bed.
    In high school they gave me a California king for some strange, not thought-through reason so it's V V nice.
  3. Dad's wood shop.
  4. Whiffs of smoke.
  5. The most foul smelling family dogs I've every known.
    Today Dad said, "Why give them a bath? Within minutes they'll find something new dead and roll in it."
  6. Sterzing's potato chips.
  7. Tenderloin sandwiches.
  8. Fried cauliflower.
  9. Mom and I psychoanalyzing everyone we know.
  10. The hummingbird feeder on a pulley system so they have the option of luring them into the sleeping porch where my parents leave their warm, indoor, Winter bed to sleep in the cool with the crickets and birds. There were 6 eating at once today.
  11. Our first Costco trip together to get Dad's hearing aids 'shaved down'.
  12. Taking a solo canoe ride at the pond.
  13. The new 2nd pond they just 'put in'.
  14. Fried bluegill from the pond.
  15. Dad's strawberries.
  16. A ton of downtime to get it know The List App and fall in loovvee 💞
  17. Mom apologizing to the dog because she offered him a fortune cookie and they were all gone.