As a struggling to thrive 24 year old I find it necessary to reflect back on my childhood and extract the gems of knowledge gleaned from that eras greatest teachers. Please enjoy and partake by adding your own lessons.
  1. Heavyweights! (1995)
    How to creatively hide junk food at work, while also avoiding physical activity.
  2. Cool Runnings. (1993)
    That I'm a bad ass mother, who won't take, NO crap from NO ONE
  3. SpaceJam (1996)
    If you believe it you can achieve it. Alternatively, if you have a magic basketball you can jack your friends talent and achieve it that way as well. If all else fails hit a swig of " Michael's secret stuff" That should do the trick.
  4. Free Willy (1993)
    All the words to Will You Be There by Michael Jackson.
  5. The SandLot (1993)
    How to win the love of my life's heart, and that I'm never trying chewing tobacco.
  6. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992)
    They can't come in unless you invite them in! 😵
    Suggested by @kate81